Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

by norman on September 28, 2011

Located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur not far from other attractions such as the Bird Park and the Butterfly Park is the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia. I was very keen to visit this as being from New Zealand we aren’t exposed to such artwork.

I can’t speak more highly of this museum. It is beautiful architecturally, the canvas that is provided, even if there was no artwork and exhibits is light, uncluttered, with very friendly staff and a beautiful gift shop. Then!!! there is the art. It isn’t fine art in the strict sense, it is more decorated artifacts, pottery, clothing, calligraphy, jewelry, military instruments such as swords, muskets.

It is well organized. Broken up in departments. The first is a geographical background focused on the general region: Malaysia, India and China have their own sections. Then a whole section on ancient and interesting calligraphy, religious works and such like. Then into Islamic architecture with beautiful minature models of the most famous mosques from around the world. Upstairs was more dedicated to personal art, clothing, jewelry, armaments. Then an area dedicated to Palestine, however, the museum was closing so I didn’t finish. Hopefully I will get a chance to go back tomorrow and finish.

Plus it is worth a couple of goes, not that it takes a day to go around, 3 or 4 hours probably. However, high quality museums and art galleries can be overwhelming and difficult to take in from one visit.

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