Last Night in Shanghai

by norman on September 23, 2011

It was a fabulous night, Zina was sleepy so went home and David and I walked along the Bund.  He explained what the builders were, what they became during the cultural revolution and what they were now.  At the far end of the Bund away from the Boulevard Mansions Hotel I took this video.

Shanghai China at night from The Bund across to the Pudong

Shanghai 1994

The Pudong financial district in Shanghai in 1994. Not that long ago. Compare this photograph to the video and see how much things have changed. They are still changing this fast. It has to be seen to be believed.

Interestingly it wasn’t that long ago that the Pudong was essentially just market gardens and farmland.  David remembers it very well. Inside the Shanghai tower they have various photos of the Pudong, essentially the financial centre of Shanghai over the years.

Including this one that clearly shows the development. In addition I visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum (remember my previous post about unusal but intereting museums).

Shanghai 2020

This is a model of the urban plan for Shanghai for the year 2020. Unlike many plans this one is actually almost finished. When the Chinese plan they do it. Only the largest building to go and it is under construction.

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