Solution to Chaffing Caused by Broken Leg Cast Rubbing on Skin

by norman on December 22, 2011

I have a new cast.  This is a relief, the full stiff leg length cast was driving me crazy as you would have read about in my previous post.  Now I have a below the knee, at least at the rear, cast that allows me to bend the knee and also I can walk on the leg without the aid of crutches.  Although these last few days I’ve used crutches to ease into walking again.

Click here to see a video of this

However, the third cast is similar to the second.  It is made from a fiberglass type material that sets in air and water and is very hard and can be sharp on the edges.  Sure it has some padding, but this cast is moulded over the knee at the front, and when the leg bends and then comes forward again it can rub and also dig in.  After a period of time this can cause the skin to chaf and be rubbed raw, this is an issue as an infection could lead to some unpleasant complications.  Plus it doesn’t aid recovery and learning to walk again and not look as if you’ve had two many drinks.

My solution, get one of my sister’s bras, cut it up, and grab the  great rubber padding in them plus the have an excellent preformed cup shape, fits lovely over the knee and provides excellent padding, comfort and protection.  I’d recommend this to any other budding rehabiliating walker.

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